GodotSfxr - Post Jam Version

In this post-jam version I was able to iterate between a few options to find the best combination of usability and optimization.

- First of all, I dropped the AudioStreamGenerator resource and now I’m using an AudioStreamSample.

This is better because:

  1. I can store the audio data in the resource without generating or pushing to the stream everytime.

  2. You can save the data as a resource and reuse it elsewhere, like in an AudioStreamPlayer2D/3D node.

  3. The signal now triggers correctly when the sound ends, which means you can connect it with your code.

  4. In theory, after generating the sound you don’t even need the module anymore, as the generated sample resource comes with base Odoo.

- The inspector properties were improved for easier and quicker usage.

  1. All the generators are now exposed inside of a group, so they can be used without opening a dropdown every time.

  2. I removed the custom “play_sfx” method, which lets you use the regular “Playing” property of the base AudioStreamPlayer without additional logic or worries.

  3. The sound data is automatically generated and played after any of the properties is updated, so you don’t need to update the property and then click on the “play” action to listen to the change.

  4. The properties now have a nice title saying “SfxrStreamPlayer” so you know which are the custom properties (and it looks pretty <3).

- Other small fixes in the generation script.

I hope you enjoy this new update!

You can get the latest version on https://github.com/tomeyro/godot-sfxr/.

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